Regional news
Фото: They’re alive, as long as we remember. It’s a new project by "SG", which is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus. We have no right to forget this!
14:10 15 Февраля’19
This is a very rare and even unique book. I do know it's the only copy in our district. The book is called: "The History of the 1406 anti-aircraft artillery regiment."
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Фото: The consecration of the ice-hole has been held today in Svisloch (+ video)
08:45 22 Января’19
Priest Dionisy Chernyaev consecrated water and congratulated all the people on the Baptism of Jesus.
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Фото: The snow has come, so let’s go ski
08:35 14 Января’19
Finally the real winter has come and the weather is bringing us much joy: frost is getting stronger, snowdrifts are getting bigger. Anywhere you look you can see everything is covered under the white coat of winter: earth, trees, roads, houses…
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Фото: Gdy  zapomina się o prawdziwych bohaterach, chwalą zaciekłych katów
17:55 26 Ноября’18
Kiedy daje się ocena jakim kolwiek znaczącym wydarzeniom politycznym, społeczeństwo nigdy nie jest ograniczone do jednego punktu widzenia.
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Фото: Podziel się dobrocią!
16:00 17 Ноября’18
Z takim apelem 9–10 listopada zwrócili się do klientów supermarketu Euroopt w Świsłoczy organizatorzy akcji charytatywnej „Kroki Dobroci”.
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