Lukashenko to approve decisions on border protection in 2023

23 Января’23

Photo courtesy of Belarus' State Border Committee

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko is to approve the decisions on the protection of the state border in 2023, BelTA learned from the Pul Pervogo telegram channel.

At the start of the year the head of state traditionally approves the decision on state border protection. This year two decisions will be signed: on state border protection on the ground and in airspace.

“The situation dictates a broader and more detailed conversation on the topical issues related to the situation on the border in general, the performance of the border service in 2022, and the organization of border protection in the airspace,” the Telegram channel said.

According to the Belarusian State Border Committee, the situation at the state border remains predictable and controllable. At the same time, external challenges to border security persisted last year due to the militarization of the border regions of the neighboring countries of the European Union and Ukraine, intensification of reconnaissance activities, and attempts by radical individuals to enter Belarus.

At present near the Belarusian border there is a grouping of armed formations of the EU and Ukraine with a total number of about 23,500 people. The most numerous of them are in Ukraine (17,200) and Poland (3,700).

An “iron curtain” continues to be erected along the Belarusian borders, not only from fixed engineering structures and barriers, but also from minefields in the south. Active aerial reconnaissance of the Belarusian territory using drones is underway.

Last year, strengthening of the Belarusian-Ukrainian section of the border was in full swing. The Gden border outpost of Gomel border group was formed, and the Mutvitsa checkpoint of the Pinsk border guard detachment was reorganized into a border guard outpost. Aviation units equipped with unmanned aerial systems were formed in the Grodno and Smorgon border guard groups, and in the Lida and Mozyr detachments.

As for the improvement of infrastructure and the border area, the most significant amount of work was carried out in the Ukrainian direction in 2022. Some 23km of new guard lines and 26km of barriers for further technical equipment were equipped here. More than 25km of the border were fitted with alarm systems.

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