They’re alive, as long as we remember. It’s a new project by "SG", which is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus. We have no right to forget this!
14:10 15 Февраля’19

This is a very rare and even unique book. I do know it's the only copy in our district. The book is called: "The History of the 1406 anti-aircraft artillery regiment."

Each page of this book is a history, so far and at the same time so close to us - the history of that terrible war.

“... 7 December. Night travel during a whole month. Cold. Wet. Swamps.”

“... Revyakin brought gifts from the rear workers. The commander took a pouch of tobacco. There was a note: “Dear Fighter! Beat the fascists mercilessly for our desecrated people! Drive them from our homeland! We are waiting for you with victory! ”. The signature: Ufa, secondary school № 1, 5 class "B", Tanya. This baby's gift touched a lot. ”

“...Lieutenant Dubinin's troop has gone to support the attack of the penal company. There is a joy in the regiment: the first three enemy aircraft were shot down. Everyone talks about it.

“... The new year 1944 was celebrated with triumph in the division. And during that night they made a march. 100 kilometers is no longer a hindrance.”

“... On January 20, the regiment will relocate to the right flank to the northeast of Vitebsk. We’re covering for the advancing troops.”

And every day is the same. And finally, the entry: “... June 20, 1944. Meeting at the headquarters of the division. There are regimental commanders and all their deputies. Everyone feels the importance of the event. We find out that the division and, naturally, the regiments are subordinate to the commander of the 6th Guards Army, which goes on the offensive in order to liberate Belarus. They go together with other formations of the 1st Baltic Front. Operation Bagration. Now it’s our turn to make attacks. "

On the frontpage of this book there is an inscription made by hand: “To the brave, valiant and modest defender of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War - Dmukhovskaya (Shlapakova) Zinaida. From the author.” That's right, the book belongs to our countrywoman from Porozovo, war veteran Zinaida Dmukhovskaya, who fought in this glorious regiment.

“By the end of August, two girls arrived as drivers. They studied only GAZ-AA, but there are Studebakers and Doji. They do not know these cars, and they almost have no driving practice. So they became telephonists.

They were so offended. Zina Dmukhovskaya asked: “Will you give me a rifle?” We promised and sent them to the units.”

Her wounds and military awards speak a lot of the fact that our countrywoman fought no worse than men. Zinaida Dmukhovskaya was awarded the Order of Glory of 3 degrees, the Medal for Military Merit. A little later, she got the medals “For the Victory over Germany”, the Order of the “Patriotic War” 2 degrees and numerous anniversary medals.

Zinaida Dmukhovskaya is remembered and appreciated. And it is not a surprise. We will never stop thanking our veterans for the opportunity to live in a free country, under a peaceful sky! Thank you for our life!

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