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    Children Are The Future

    Children Are The Future

    The action “Big Family Is Great!” was held on Family Day in Svisloch. This event was organized by the employees of the Civil Registry Office of the Svisloch District Executive Committee, by the representatives of the regional organization of the NGO "Belarusian Union of Women" and by the Social Services Center.


    The main guests were large families Stanishevsky and Voronov. As the venue of the event the planners chose a cozy registry office. In such a warm atmosphere, for the birth of the third child, the parents got certificates of a large family and the decision of the Svisloch District Executive Committee "On the appointment of family capital".


    Olga Krishtofik and Lyubov Tomchenok, who are the members of the regional organization "White Russia", with regard to such an important event not only for families, but also for all Svisloch region, came to congratulate young parents and give symbolic gifts.


    "We congratulate your families on this new status, let be kindness and prosperity in your homes, financial wealth and wish fulfilment," – joined the wishes the Head of Civil Registry Office of the District Executive Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Women's Council Lyudmila Sergeyeva.


    Vera Shota, the pediatrician of the Svislach CDH, asked the parents of the kids Nikita Stanishevsky and Milana Voronova to cherish love and health, which are the basis of strong and amicable marriages.


    The families thanked the organizers for public care and support.

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